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WeTransfer will never Request your Email Password !!!

Here is sample of Scam Enquiry, No Enquiry need your email password to login for downloading documents !!!
WeTransfer won't request your company email password to download a transfer !!!

Below is study case for your reference:

Receive a whatsapp message from someone mentioned want to get quotation of products, he send a link and inform is from WeTransfer, ask to download document with our company email address & company email password.

When you click the link will come out similiar like WeTransfer Landing Page as screenshot below, but MUST BEWARE by checking the URL, below screenshot URL is not from WeTransfer URL.

Screenshot below show you when you click download button, it will ask you to key in your company email address & company email password, Please Don't Provide, once you provide you are giving him your company email address with completed password !!!


Here is statement from WeTransfer remind every user, they won't ask your company email password to download transfer.

WeTransfer : ''We'll never ask for your email login to download files !!!''

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17 Mar 2022